About Alumni

EHU has over 2,000 alumni who attended the university either in Minsk or in Vilnius. According to our surveys, the majority of them reside in Belarus, but others are spread around the world.

Like young people everywhere, many EHU graduates seek additional educational and professional opportunities immediately after graduation. Surveys of EHU’s graduating classes of 2009-2012 (the first four to complete their undergraduate coursework entirely in Vilnius) show that nearly half of the Vilnius-based “high residence” undergraduate students continued their studies after obtaining their first degree. Sixty-two percent enrolled in graduate programs at EHU. The rest chose other European or American universities. A majority of those who chose to work after graduating returned to Belarus.

Of the 466 alumni surveyed who graduated from EHU since 2009, around half currently reside in Belarus. A majority of them work in the private sector: for businesses, independent media, or Belarusian or international non-governmental organizations. Surveys of graduating students are conducted every year and have a remarkable 80%+ response rate.

Some examples of alumni activities:

  • EHU alumni are running or working for private businesses in areas like medical and traditional tourism, web development, graphic design, photography, international and space law, banking, logistics, and others.
  • Alumni in Belarus and Vilnius have created websites that enable Belarusian citizens to upload instances of election violations to an online map (electby.org).
  • EHU alumni work in Belarusian and international NGOs like BYWatch, EOTP, International Consortium EUROBELARUS; many are active in the Belarusian opposition.
  • EHU alumni work in international and Belarusian research institutions, universities, and think tanks, including the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, Institute of Political Studies Political Sphere, Comenius University in Bratislava, Higher School of Economics, and at EHU itself.
  • EHU alumni work as journalists, editors, and bloggers in Belarusian and international media like Belsat, DELFI, LRT, Citydog, and others.

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