Selection Criteria

The call for applications for the EHU Alumni Scholarship is usually announced in the fall. Students wishing to apply for the EHU Alumni Scholarship need to submit the following documents to alumni @

  • justification from the Academic Department, signed by the Dean of the Undergraduate School, which should include the academic rating, and achievements (grants, awards, scholarships received, places taken in competitions, diplomas, certificates);
  • list of social activities (confirmed by recommendations of Student Service staff or Student Government Council);
  • a letter of recommendation from a Head of Department;
  • a letter of recommendation from an EHU Alumni Scholarship donors.

Selection procedure

The Scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis within the limits of the EHU Alumni Scholarship Fund.

The applications are reviewed and approved by the EHU Alumni Scholarship Commission, comprised of the dean of undergraduate school, three alumni-donors to the Scholarship Fund, a representative of Student Service, and a member of the Student Union. The criteria-meeting applications are then reviewed by the alumni-donors, who determine the awardee by a majority vote.

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