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Students also elect the Students' Union – an autonomous body of the student government, which represents the interests of EHU students both within the University and beyond.

Students' Union as the representative body is elected every new academic year, and operates in accordance with its charter. It is composed of the president, vice-president and other members. In addition, the Student Union delegates five of its members to the Senate of EHU.

The President of the Students' Union is Hanna Filistovich, 3rd year student of the undergraduate program "Media and Communication", and Vice President - Sofiya Utsenkova, 4th year student of the undergraduate program "Cultural Heritage and Tourism".

Members of the Council of the EHU Students' Union are:

  • Iryna Charapanava (undergraduate program "Visual Design and Media", 4th year);
  • Tatsiana Licheuskaya (undergraduate program "Media and Communication", 3rd year);
  • Mikita Panamarou (undergraduate program "Media and Communication", 1st year);
  • Uladzimir Andryienka (undergraduate program "Media and Communication", 1st year);
  • Mark Ivanov (program "International Law and European Union Law", 1st year).

More information about the EHU Students' Union is available on Facebook and VK pages, and also via email studentcouncil @

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