EHU's student body consists of approximately 900 students, 95% of whom are Belarusian. Other nationalities include Russian, Lithuanian, and Ukrainian. Most Belarusian applicants come from Minsk. Other major cities of origin include Homel, Hrodna, and Vitsebsk.

EHU Student Body
Undergraduate degrees ~700
Integrated degree ~120
Graduate degrees ~80
PhD degree ~5
Total ~900


Learning Mode

  • Nearly one half of EHU’s undergraduate students study in low residence mode. The distance learning platform allows them to live in Belarus while studying at EHU.
  • Over a half of undergraduate students use high residence mode, residing and attending class on campus in Vilnius.
  • Graduate programs offer a blended learning approach that entails both face-to-face and online instruction.

Popular Programs

EHU's most popular undergraduate programs are Media and Communication, Media and Visual Design, International Law and Law of the European Union. Most graduate students are enrolled in EHU's Cultural Studies program. To see a full list of programs, click here.

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