Media and Communication]

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Communication
4 Years (High Residence); 5 Years (Low Residence)
National Code of the Study Program: 612P90004

About the Program

Media and Communication Program is among the most popular undergraduate programs at our university. The unique curriculum of the program focuses on educating speacialists in one the most important spheres of knowledge in the contemporary world – in creating a variety of audiovisual products.

In the contemporary media, not narrow specialists (with a limited range of knowledge and skills grounded in the existing media production technologies) enjoy higher demand, but rather polyfunctional and adaptive individuals able to think creatively, understand the logics of the social development and the role of the media in the contemporary society, highly motivated to always upgrade their qualification and learn new things, and also well-versed in humanities (including the ability to communicate in foreign languages in their professional sphere).

Specialization in New Media (previously called Mass Media and Journalism)

The New Media specialization focuses on educating professional journalists to work in print and electronic mass media (radio, television, Internet media), specialists in the sphere of media planning, media management, advertizing and PR.

Specialization in Visual Culture and Creative Industries (previously called Visual Studies (Film, television, Internet))

The primary focus of the Visual Culture and Creative Industries specialization is on educating theorists, critics and producers in the sphere of contemporary audiovisual production (documentaries and popular science films, photography).

Potential Careers for Graduates

Specialization in New Media

Radio, TV, print and electronic media journalist and editor; manager and producer in organizations producing and promoting media products (audio, TV and Internet projects); PR agencies; teacher or researcher in the field of audiovisual communications and new media; media analyst in think tanks and consulting centers.

Specialization in Visual Culture and Creative Industries

Director and script writer in individual and joint video and TV projects; film analyst and film critic in mass media; curator in the sphere of photography and media art; producer and promoter of various projects in creative industries (animation, music, advertizing, photo, cinema, television and multimedia products); teacher or researcher in the field of media theory, creative industries and visual culture in institutions of higher education, research centers and think tanks. 

Applications, Payments and Scholarships

Tuition fees for Academic Year 2016/17

                                                              Citizens and residents of Belarus All other citizens

High Residence

Ranking GPA 9,81 or higher – €0/year

Ranking GPA between 9,41 and 9,80 – €800/year

Ranking GPA between 9,01 and 9,40 – €1400/year

Ranking GPA 9,00 and below – €2000/year



Low Residence

Ranking GPA 9,41 and higher – €300/year

Ranking GPA between 8,41 and 9,40 
– €600/year

Ranking GPA 8,40 and below – €1000/year




* Ranking GPA for High Residence prospective students is calculated on the basis of: 1) High School Humanities and Social Sciences subjects average; 2) Foreign language exam; 3) Essay exam; 4) Literature grade
** Ranking GPA for Low Residence prospective students is calculated on the basis of: 1) High School Humanities and Social Sciences subjects average; 2) Foreign language grade; 3) Interview grade; 4) Literature grade
*** Media and Communications prospective students are eligible for Portfolio submission that is evaluated as 0,1 to 1,0 grade in addition to Ranking GPA

For general information about application process, requirements, financial assistance, please visit our central admissions page (in Russian), click here (for high residence programs) or here (for low residence programs). To find out program-specific requirements, please see here (for application to high residence programs) or here (for application to low residence programs)


Almira Ousmanova, Andrei Gornykh, Andrei Kureichik, Dzianis Kastsiuchenka,  Jillian Hocking, Andrei Liankevich


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call: +370 5 2639650

Additional Information
Бакалаврская программа «Медиа и коммуникация» (2015)
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