Visual Design and Media

Degree: Bachelor of Design
4 Years (High Residence); 5 Years (Low Residence)
National Code of the Study Program: 612W20008

About the Program

Rapid development of information technology and constant growth in the amount of information accessible via print and electronic media creates the demand for professionals able to organize this information and make it accessible, easy to understand, and catchy for a consumer. The undergraduate program in Media and Visual Design focuses on educating designers to work in the media industry. Designing for print media differs from creating design for the electronic media. Hence, our students are offered the opportunity to choose a major after acquiring core skills and competencies in design.  

The program is subdivided into two modules:

  • Graphic Design and Layout
  • Multimedia and Animation
Potential Careers for Graduates

Module in Graphic Design and Layout

Designer in print and electronic media; illustrator; graphic designer; publication designer; layout designer.

Module in Multimedia and Animation

Animator; television/media designer; multimedia projects designer; web designer; mobile apps interface designer.

In the course of studies, students acquire teamwork skills, enhancing our graduates’ skills in working as design project managers and art directors in advertising agencies.

Applications, Payments and Scholarships

Tuition fees for Academic Year 2016/17

                                                              Citizens and residents of Belarus All other citizens

High Residence

Ranking GPA 9,41 or higher – €0/year

Ranking GPA between 9,01 and 9,40 – €800/year

Ranking GPA between 8,61 and 9,00 – €1400/year

Ranking GPA 8,60 and below – €2000/year



Low Residence

Ranking GPA 9,01 and higher – €300/year

Ranking GPA between 8,01 and 9,00 
– €600/year

Ranking GPA 8,00 and below – €1000/year




* Ranking GPA for High Residence prospective students is calculated on the basis of: 1) High School Humanities and Social Sciences subjects average; 2) Foreign language exam; 3) Design exam; 4) Literature grade
** Ranking GPA for Low Residence prospective students is calculated on the basis of: 1) High School Humanities and Social Sciences subjects average; 2) Foreign language grade; 3) Design exam; 4) Literature grade

For general information about application process, requirements, financial assistance, please visit our central admissions page (in Russian), click here (for high residence programs) or here (for low residence programs). To find out program-specific requirements, please see here (for application to high residence programs) or here (for application to low residence programs)


Albertas Gurskas, Sergei Selezkij, Jouri Toreev, Irina Kodiukova, Peter Zuiderweig, Indre Klimaite.


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skype: questionehu
call: +370 5 2639650

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