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Starting October 3, 2016 Jørgen Jørgensen holds the office of the Acting Rector of the European Humanities University (EHU) in Vilnius. What are the major tasks undertaken by Acting Rector Jørgensen during these 7 months? What avenues is EHU leadership ready to proceed with? What is the opinion of international donors about EHU’s progress?


For the fifth time the European Humanities University (EHU) in Vilnius is participating in Lithuania’s national university rankings. 2017 is the second consecutive year for EHU to rank third among Lithuania’s six private universities.


The European Humanities University (EHU) in Vilnius informs about official channels of University’s online communications.


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Students from Germany, Belarus, and Lithuania are invited to apply to “Mapping Visaginas”, the third DAAD Summer School organized by the European Humanities University’s (EHU) Laboratory of Critical Urbanism. This will be a two-week course on mapping social practice in relation to the built environment of the Lithuanian post-industrial town of Visaginas, a former satellite town to a nuclear power plant erected in 1975.

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