Belarusian Studies Congress: Professor honored, alumni present in force

Belarusian Studies Congress: Professor honored, alumni present in force

EHU Media Professor Andrei Gornykh’s article, "Capitalism and Anxiety" (“Капитализм и тревога”), has been awarded Best Academic Article in the category of Humanities at the Fourth International Congress of Belarusian Studies. The Congress took place in Kaunas early October and was attended by a number of EHU faculty, staff, and alumni.

The Congress of Belarusian Studies is the largest independent academic gathering related to Belarusian research. More than 400 participants gathered from Australia, Belarus, Japan, Lithuania, Poland, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries. EHU alumni Vadzim Smok and Vadzim Bylina, currently working at the Political Sphere Institute of Political Studies, were among the organizers of the Congress.

During the Congress, EHU alumnus Yahor Surski (MA Preservation and Interpretation of Cultural Heritage 2011) presented his film The Fall of 1939: On the Brink of Memory, which was made during research expeditions in Western Belarus.

Another EHU alumnus, Ratsibor Biahun (MA Preservation and Interpretation of Cultural Heritage 2012), represented the Retail Technology Institute at Menka, where he serves as Head of the Center for Trade History Research.

EHU alumni moderated numerous sections and panels at the Congress. Leonid Kalitenya (2010) moderated two panels; Raman Voranau (2010) led a discussion on Western Belarus in the Interwar Polish State; Vadzim Smok (2012) moderated the panel “Local Institutions and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe: the Results of (un)Democratic Transformation”; Gene Sivochin (2009) moderated “Museum and Cultural Heritage Interpretation Problems”; Stsiapan Stureika (2008) led a group discussion on the protection and restoration of architectural heritage; Olga Plakhotnik (2007) and Irina Solomatina (2008) moderated a group on gender-related issues; and Andrei Khrapavitski (2010) led a panel entitled “Social Networks and the Modernization of Belarus.”

Presentations were made by EHU alumni Alena Zuikova (2010), Snezhana Rohach (2009), Anastasiya Damanskaya (2007), Uladzimir Valodzin (2008), Tsimafei Avilin (2009), Tatsiana Siatsko (2012), Mikalai Volkau (2009), Arnest Mahin (2013), Lidia Mikheeva (2010), Olga Plakhotnik (2007), Irina Solomatina (2008), Tatsiana Shchurko (2008), Barys Paulau (2007).

The Congress began as an annual meeting of Belarusian and foreign scholars, experts, analysts, and representatives of civil society and government institutions involved in the study of Belarus. The Congress aims to be a major platform for the presentation of the outcomes of scholarly and expert activities produced throughout the year. In addition, the Congress provides an excellent opportunity to develop new research and community projects, to exchange views and ideas, and to establish informal contacts.

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