EHU alumnus encourages students to express their voices

EHU alumnus encourages students to express their voices

Artiom Anisimov graduated from EHU in 2009 with a LL.B. in international law. As a student, he was involved in both the Philip Jessup Moot Court Competition and Student Union. He also became the first student to be elected to the EHU Senate. Anisimov later received his LL.M. degree in space, cyber and telecommunications law from University of Nebraska-Lincoln and joined the New York State Bar. Anisimov lives and works in Mountain View, CA.

- Artiom, please tell us what you are currently doing.

- I work as in-house counsel for a start-up satellite manufacturing company in Silicon Valley; this takes up pretty much all of my time.

- What is your involvement with EHU?

- I have been trying to stay involved in the life of the University, as I truly believe in its cause and in the unique value it offers young Belarusians who choose to study at EHU. I currently serve as a member of EHU’s Governing Board and as the alumni chair of the university’s first Annual Fund.

- Have you been following the search for a new rector, and do you have any comments?

- I have. I think the only comment from me that would be appropriate to render at this time is that the Governing Board is proceeding with its evaluation of the candidates and is conducting internal discussions of the matter.

- There are representatives of the student body and as well as alumni of EHU who want their voice to be heard in the selection process. Do you see yourself as being able to convey the views of both current and recently graduated students to the Governing Board?

- Yes. This was my hope and intention when I joined the Governing Board, and I would like to invite students and fellow alumni to reach out to me and share their opinions and concerns. I think direct e-mails would be the most efficient way of communicating (though you can also find me on social media). If you read this post and have something constructive to say to the Governing Board, please feel free to e-mail me at Artiom.Anisimov @ Please note that the Governing Board will be meeting again before the month of February is over, so I kindly ask you not to delay in sending your letters.

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