EHU remains Lithuania’s most internationally competitive private university

EHU remains Lithuania’s most internationally competitive private university

For the fifth time the European Humanities University (EHU) in Vilnius is participating in Lithuania’s national university rankings. 2017 is the second consecutive year for EHU to rank third among Lithuania’s six private universities.

Annually, Reitingai editorial board assesses the activities of Lithuanian universities and ranks them within 7 major categories, which include various quantitative and qualitative criteria. The results of the annual evaluation were presented on May 10, featuring the comments by leading Lithuania’s higher education experts.

For the second year in a row EHU is ranked third among all six private universities in Lithuania. EHU became Lithuania’s top private university according to two criteria. Faculty achievements in the fields of research and artistic activity gained a positive evaluation, as well as a high level of EHU’s competitiveness in international educational space.

EHU was highly recognized for a large number of young faculty members and large number of faculty members with PhD. It’s important to emphasize the high level of EHU alumni employability – almost 100% of all alumni were employed within 9 months after graduation from the university.

This year Reitingai editorial board together with the consulting agency Prime consulting conducted an anonymous survey in the focus-group of 3-year university students. EHU students highly assessed the conditions and quality of education, the academic level of the faculty and the general atmosphere in the university.

EHU has launched Admission campaign 2017/18 on May 10, offering five undergraduate and five graduate programs for prospective students.

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