Lithuanian language opens new opportunities for Belarusian students and graduates of EHUp

Lithuanian language opens new opportunities for Belarusian students and graduates of EHU

During the spring semester of the AY 2016/17 Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania provides a generous support for arranging Lithuanian language and culture courses in Minsk for low-residence students and graduates of the European Humanities University (EHU).

Classes are arranged for beginners and as well for those graduates of EHU, who already had a chance to learn basics of the Lithuanian language while studying at Alma mater. During the courses low-residence students and graduates were able to enhance skills of the closest neighbor’s language, learned linguistic principles and similarities between Belarusian and Lithuanian languages. Thanks to the interactive pedagogics approach, students and graduates discovered Lithuanian literature and poetry, popular and folk songs – important sources of learning the language and broadening cultural boundaries.

“This course is a further step in improving my Lithuanian language skills,” tells Ratsibor Biahun, EHU graduate (Class 2012) and PhD student of the Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas. “It is crucial to know Lithuanian for my professional career and successful PhD studies. Although Lithuanian is not the easiest of all languages, I am still sure, harder you try - better it gets,” he adds.

Poetess, essayist, journalist and EHU alumna (Class 2011) Sabina Brylo is interested in Lithuanian language for broadening her artistic horzinos. She is a participant of poetry and literary festivals, including, “Poezijos pavasaris” which is organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. Many of Sabina’s verses are translated into Lithuanian by a famous poet Gintaras Grajauskas. “This language seems to me very genuine – not artificial. In Lithuanian you can talk about feelings, about sacred things  – without pathos, using simple words. I am very gratitude for this opportunity to learn Lithuanian language”.

EHU students will be able to improve the obtained skills in the area of Lithuanian language and culture during the EHU Summer school “Laba diena!” on July 3-14 in Vilnius.

Author: Yury Vnukovich

Co-financed by:European Commission