Message from the Chair of the Governing Board

Message from the Chair of the Governing Board

The Search Committee tasked with identifying a new Rector for EHU is again visiting the campus this week. Its proposals will then go to the Governing Board, which, in turn, will recommend a candidate to the General Assembly of Part-Owners (GAPO).

It is still our hope to complete this process by 1 March. It is encouraging that the search has aroused such interest also in the media.

The dialogue with candidates continues. It is not at all true that the faculty and students have been sidelined in this process. They have held extensive interviews with the seven candidates that visited Vilnius in December, and their views have then been reported to the search committee by the Student Union President and the Chair of the Senate. Student and Senate representatives will meet with the search committee again this week. EHU students who have not yet communicated their views on the candidates to the Student Union leaders should do so in the coming days.

It is very fortunate that Anatoli Mikhailov has agreed to continue to serve EHU in his new capacity as President of the University, along side the new Rector.

The discussions around the succession issue have highlighted the great expectations pinned to the EHU, as well as the special meaning it holds for different groups.

EHU must first and foremost be a good university, an institution of excellent higher education and research. It has already attained high academic standards but we are perfectly aware that further efforts are needed. In fact, a major reaccreditation procedure is now under way.

It is, secondly, a Belarusian university with a particular vocation to contribute to the restoration of a strong and independent Belarus. I have noted some apprehensions about the loss of its Belarusian identity, but looking at its faculty, the student body, and the President, EHU is in fact strikingly homogeneous.

Thirdly, as the name implies, EHU is a European university committed to common European values and to promoting international academic contacts and the links of Belarus with other countries.

Finally, EHU is also a Lithuanian university which is able to continue its activities through the generosity and hospitality of the Lithuanian authorities. EHU holds great promise for its students, faculty and for Belarusian society. It is our responsibility to ensure that the institution will continue to grow and to meet the high standards of study and research, for which it was established.

Prof. Daniel Tarschys,
Chair of the Governing Board
January 26, 2015

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